Imprinting + Mailing


With the new site, we are still working on this process. However, to begin your personalization process now, you can email to get started.

Save time while giving your cards a personal touch! Most of our greeting cards, notes, holy cards, prayer cards, bookmarks and envelopes can be imprinted with your name, signature, address or a personal message you've created. Assorted collections cannot be imprinted.

How Long Will It Take?

If you want an estimated delivery date for imprinted items, please call us at 800-889-0105.

For Christmas card orders after November 25th, please specify a second design choice in the Special Instructions section.

A Word About Copyright

All imprinting and personalization orders must comply with copyright laws. While bible publishers do have generous free usage terms, if you are adding a Scripture quotation of more than 100 words, please see our information on bible copyrights.


Mailing Services

Minimum order 200 pieces.

For all mailing services, the customer must provide a CSV or Excel-compatible file of address data.

All pricing below is in addition to charges for the product and any imprinting or customization done on it. For envelopes, there will be an additional fee for printing the return address if it is not printed on the same side as the delivery address.

Please allow 3-5 business days after imprint or customization approval for printing and preparation. You may want to allow several days for approval if you are not providing print-ready material. Please note that we cannot insert more than one piece into the same envelope.
If stamps are requested, add 1 day per 5,000 pieces.

Once it goes into the mail stream, delivery is the responsibility of the USPS. The Printery House cannot guarantee or estimate delivery time. “Nonprofit mail is also known as 3rd class mail, so delivery is given priority over the 4th class (media mail), but First Class and 2nd class (newspapers) are given priority over nonprofit. According to USPS, typical delivery times range from 1-10 days within the U.S.” (

First Class Mailings
No address processing provided. We print the data exactly as you send it.
Letter (card in envelope) inserted, addressed and mailed with stamps applied $0.75 per piece
Postcard addressed and mailed with stamps applied $0.45 per piece
Postcard addressed only $0.05 per piece
plus actual shipping to ship the items to the customer in bulk
Non-Profit Bulk Mailings
Letter or Card inserted in envelope, addressed, and mailed
Includes NCOA and CASS processing for move update and standardization requirements.
(List Owner must have a non-profit permit and provide their USPS CRID number.)
Postage via pre-printed permit (Indicia) $0.15 per piece processing fee plus actual postage
Postage via non-profit stamps applied $0.30 per piece processing fee plus actual postage

Actual postage for non-profit mailings cannot be determined until we process the mailing list. The rate depends on several factors, including the weight of the pieces, the level of automation and the amount of presorting the mailing qualifies for.

For more information, please call our customer service department at 1-800-889-0105.